1. Incorporation of new business

Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited ?
Filing of Company Details
Special Licenses
Business Plans
Registered Office
Registration of Foreign Companies

Puzzled about forming a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited?
We provide pre-incorporation consultation to put you on the right track as to what type of company it should be registered, based on your trading activities.

Filing of Company Details to Registrar of Companies & Businesses
Leave the nitty-gritty of incorporation to us! We'll turn cumbersome procedures into a breeze for you!

Special Trades Requires Special Licenses
We would be able to assist should the nature of your business require special application and approval from the relevant authorities i.e. entertainment, restaurants, educational institutes, etc.

Need for a Business Plan?
Getting investors interested in your field of business is one of the toughest parts of starting a business. We can provide that plan to give you that extra edge in your business venture.

Registration of Foreign Companies
You may be at a loss on how to register a foreign company. Leave it to us, as you concentrate on other aspects of your business to make it here in Singapore. We also provide tax consultation for tax shelters that your company is entitled to in Singapore.

2. Engagement of Corporate Secretary

Our Secretarial Department would be responsible for the following aspects of your business: -

*  Board of Director's Meetings 
*  Company Resolutions 
*  Shareholders Meetings 
*  Sealing of documents 
*  Maintenance of Statutory Registers
*  Related Filings with Registrar of Companies & Businesses

3. Accounting and Book Keeping

Preparation of Company's Balance Sheet Trading, Profit & Loss Statements
Preparation of Budgets
Book-keeping services for submission of GST, CESS
Payroll Services
Billing Services

Preparation of Company's Balance Sheet and Trading, Profit & Loss Statements
Using our accounting software, together with your necessary income and expenditure documents, we would be able to generate your company's financial report. This financial report forms the basis for tax computation purposes.

Preparation of Budgets
Based on historical data furnished, we would be able to prepare budgets for your company. Preparation of budgets would enable management to forecast the direction the company is heading towards and for easier task planning into the future.

Bookkeeping services for submission of GST and CESS
If your company is registered for GST or CESS, we will undertake the submission of these periodic taxes to the relevant authorities. Our service would enable your company to reduce the overhead costs incurred while employing a full-time staff for such purposes.

Payroll Services
We have a systematic method of staff's payroll computation. As such, we would be able to draw out the monthly payroll, a tedious task done in a cost-efficient and effective easy manner.
Billing Services Billing services can also be provided to companies having large volumes of transactions and trade debtors. We will issue invoices, as well as, calling trade debtors to hasten payments, thereby improving the cash flow position of the company.

4. Tax Management and Computation

Corporate Tax
Preparation, computation and submission of corporate tax
Estimation of Tax
Based on preliminary trading activities, we will be able to prepare the Estimated Chargeable Income to be filed to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. This would be used for the Original Assessment of tax for the financial year and application of necessary instalment payment scheme.
Follow-up on Tax Assessments
Upon completion of your company's accounts and audited financial report, we will be able to provide the following services to ensure that the estimated tax have been accurately assessed:
> Check on the finalised tax figure to ensure zero discrepancies.
> Raise any objections to additional tax.
> Write-in on behalf of the company to waive any additional assessment of tax or penalty.

Tax Planning
We are able to provide strategic tax planning for your company by ensuring that all matters are compliant with statutory requirements.Your company's tax liability. We do so by: > Advise on the income and expenditure pattern of your company. > Ensure that your company do not incur unnecessary tax liability under more than one head of charge.

Other tax Submissions
Goods & Services Tax
> Sorting documents to claim for input/output tax
> Computation of GST payable or receivable
> Filing of GST periodically

> Computation of CESS to be filed > Filing of CESS periodically

5. Application of Government Grants and Tax incentives

To encourage local enterprises to achieve a high level of competitiveness through more effective use of information technology for expansion and streamline its operation.
Singapore Government has been introduced various financial assistance schemes to help local enterprises defray cost incurred in modernising and upgrading their operations. We are able to provide consultation services for the application and implementation of such assistance schemes depending on individual company's needs.

6. Consultancy
*Management Consultancy
*Corporate Ventures
Management ConsultancyWe enable and strengthen the corporate structures of small and medium enterprises for survival and growth in the new economy. These included:
> Strategic business review and diagnostics
> Corporate restructuring:
> Operations innovation & outsourcing of non-core activities
> Human capital development & re-deployment,
> Enabling effective utilisation of information technology, and
> Build capabilities in international business development
> Build effective business and management structures
> Exploit existing and new channels of marketing
> Financial engineering including debt and capital restructuring

We formulate and facilitate execution of strategy for business expansions and diversifications or to embark on Merger and Acquisition activities.

Corporate Ventures
We provide advisory services on corporate investments, joint-ventures, divestitures, mergers and acquisitions

7 Other Services
1)  Liquidation & Receivership
Voluntary Liquidation > Creditors Winding Up

2) Accounting Software
Need to have a reliable Accounting software ? We have the right solution for you to have a simple start, and grow as your business expands.

3) Business & IT consultancy
We have a group of senior managers with working experiences in various sectors, to provide you with business and IT consultancy. We help our client to effectively manage your business process and integrate your business solutions.

4) Application of Employment/Dependent Pass

5) Preparation of Reservist Claims
6) Registered Mailing Address/ Answering & Fax Services

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